Christmas Programs

I love the Christmas season... Nothing is cuter than seeing little girls and boys all dressed up ready to perform, or not to perform (that is the real entertaining part). This year we had three programs to go to. First a t Immanuel Lutheran for Cayli, next at North for Riley and last at Dance Preschool for Cayli. All were a hit, and all had cute candid moments. Here are some pictures of the kids all dressed up... Soooo cute.

First Snow of the Year Fun

The kids had a blast playing in the snow. They didn't seem to care that the temperature was only 10 above!! Justin set them up on the snowmobile and they took turns riding the sled and driving. They had a so much fun. On Sunday they went to Ephrata to Dan Dishon's house and rode on the street with his kids. Sunday night the kids were so tired, but so excited about their fun weekend. Thanks Dad!

Family Photo Day Favorites

We had a family picture day a few weeks ago. These are some of my favorites. Cam was a stinker and cried the entire time. If it wasn't for those dandelions the photo shoot would have been a bust!

The Beginning

So..... I started this blog so I could share our family story and everyday life with our friends and family. I wanted to be able to share photos, scrap pages and everyday happenings with you. I know I won't be the daily blogger and if I get to it once a month for a month in review, I will be happy!

We are gearing up for Christmas and are not sure of our plans quite yet. We will more than likely be heading to Sidney, MT for the holidays to be with family and friends. Justin is itching to go snowmobiling on his new SLED!! He can't wait to get in the snow and get crazy! Today when the snow started falling, he had instant permagrin!!!

Riley, Cayli and Camryn are enjoying the holiday decorations, advent calendars (we have five this year) and they are singing Christmas carols everyday. I just sent out my Christmas cards and am really being a slug. I started to scrapbook again and feel like this blogging is going to be a fun way to share my stuff.

Bobbi and I went to the Broadway play the Color Purple on Wednesday night. It was a great show. It was both funny and emotional. We enjoyed a night out, eating dinner and having a little girl time.

Well, that is all there is to say today. I am still figuring out the blogging set up and how to add pictures and such, so bear with me.