Halloween 2009

Halloween was a blast this year. My sister Dawn was here to visit so she helped me get the kids ready! She had a blast dressing them up and doing Cayli's hair and make up. Jayci and Stef joined in the fun and helped get our grouchy bumble bee ready. Camryn was so excited about Halloween for the past few weeks, but when the time came to do her makeup and put on her antenna's, she wanted nothing to do with it. Once we got to the High School to trick or treat, she was ready to enjoy her evening.

Riley was kind of two things, he was an alien when he had his mask on, but when he took off his mask he was a vampire with green glowing teeth, so I guess he was a VAMPIRE ALIEN! Cayli was a beautiful purple fairy. Her aunite Stef bought her this adorable costume and Cayli pulled it off like a pro. She was so cute. Camryn was a bumble bee. She was a cutie pie. Brody was only four days old, although auntie Stef had bought him a skeleton outfit and a BILLY BOB teeth pacifier. It was pretty funny.

After we went trick or treating we went to the school where our friends Alisson and Cassidy Stanley go. They were having a Harvest Party Carnival. We spent two hours there playing and eating way too much candy and chili!

Brody Louis Chapman

On October 27th we welcomed our fourth child, Brody Louis Chapman. He entered the world at 7:57 AM via C-Section. He weighed 9 lbs. and was 20 inches long. It was a unique experience at the hospital due to the recent events with the "swine flu" epidemic. We were not able to bring our other children to meet their baby brother at the hospital, so they had to wait until he was three days old to meet him for the first time. Dad did bring them by the hospital and they looked at Brody from the parking lot. I held him up in the window and they were able to see him that way. It wasn't the ideal situation but it worked to ease their curiosity and excitement. Justin went the their school the day Brody was born and took the camera with all the pictures. They were very excited! Stephanie took care of Camryn which was a big help!

Brody is now three weeks old. We have loved every minute with him. He is such a sweet, loving little baby. He is very much a sleepy head and often needs woken up to eat. He loves to snuggle with his mom especially although he is not too picky as long as someone is holding him. He has gotten a lot longer but is a little slow to put on the weight. It took him almost two weeks to get back to his birth weight, but now he has gained well and is growing out of some of his new outfits! The kids all love holding him and feeding him. Camryn is doing well and has not done anything too drastic now that her life has been altered forever! Riley is a great big brother and a great helper. He finds his brother as soon as he gets home from school and gives him a big kiss!

Even though Brody has only been here three weeks, it feels like he has been with us forever! WE love you Brody!

Riley Turns "8"

Riley chose to spend his birthday at Silver Mountain Resort in Kellog, Idaho. He loves that place and if given the choice he seems to always choose going to the waterpark. So since we spent an earlier weekend at the waterpark, we had a small get together on his birthday. Grandma Gwen and Papa Terry were here to celebrate with us. Riley got lot's of goodies including new roller skates, which seemed to be the highlight of the evening.

October 2009

October was full of new adventures. Riley began Cub Scouts as a Wolf. He attends every Wednesday night. He seems to really enjoy this activity. Cayli began Girl Scouts as a Daisy. She attends every Tuesday night for two hours. She has already earned some extra badges and she is excited to go every week. The kids both raced their final race of the year. Both of them did Great! Cayli had her best performance of her "racing career" and just missed getting a "big" trophy!

We visited the Pumpkin Patch on the way to Pasco. The kids and Justin had a blast climbing the hay bales and adventuring through the corn maze. Camryn loved the petting zoo, even though she technically does not "do" any petting. The kids enjoyed their hot cocoa after the hay ride to the huge pumpkin patch. We also visited Uncle Chad's pumpkin patch on two occasions. The kids love searching for just the right pumpkin to take home. Funny how we ended up with at least 6 big pumpkins and at least 30 little pumpkins and gourds! The kids enjoyed decorating the front of the house with their many pumpkins.

September 2009

September was a crazy busy month! We were busy every weekend with some sort of fun activity. We kicked off the month with our last camping trip of the year. We went to the Soap Lake Resort with the Lloyds. It was a lot of fun. We went roller skating, swam and enjoyed rainbows and rain showers! Rley started second grade in Mr. Phillips class and Cayli started kindergarten in Mrs. Nicolle's class. We went to the production of High School Musical at MLHS which the kids enjoyed a lot. Cayli started her third year of dance class, this year she is a sparkler. We went to our favorite get away spot in Kellog, Idaho, The Silver Mountain Resort. The kids love the waterslide park and they both tried surfing this time, it was a blast. Justin and I finally finished our taxes, I know they are due in April, but we are a little slow to the finish. The entire family put up with me in the last full month of my pregnancy. They have been so supportive through the whole thing. What a great month of activites!

August 2009

August was a less hectic and enjoyable month. We were able to spend time together as a family doing a variety of activities. We went camping, we went to the Grant County Fair and Rodeo, we went to the movies and we prepared for the beginning of school. We spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying one anothers company. We got together with friends and family and enjoyed the end of summer. Riley and Cayli raced at Ephrata Motocross and had a lot of fun. Both kids came home with trophies and smiles. The kids enjoyed the sun and were eager for school to start.