October 2009

October was full of new adventures. Riley began Cub Scouts as a Wolf. He attends every Wednesday night. He seems to really enjoy this activity. Cayli began Girl Scouts as a Daisy. She attends every Tuesday night for two hours. She has already earned some extra badges and she is excited to go every week. The kids both raced their final race of the year. Both of them did Great! Cayli had her best performance of her "racing career" and just missed getting a "big" trophy!

We visited the Pumpkin Patch on the way to Pasco. The kids and Justin had a blast climbing the hay bales and adventuring through the corn maze. Camryn loved the petting zoo, even though she technically does not "do" any petting. The kids enjoyed their hot cocoa after the hay ride to the huge pumpkin patch. We also visited Uncle Chad's pumpkin patch on two occasions. The kids love searching for just the right pumpkin to take home. Funny how we ended up with at least 6 big pumpkins and at least 30 little pumpkins and gourds! The kids enjoyed decorating the front of the house with their many pumpkins.

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