September 2009

September was a crazy busy month! We were busy every weekend with some sort of fun activity. We kicked off the month with our last camping trip of the year. We went to the Soap Lake Resort with the Lloyds. It was a lot of fun. We went roller skating, swam and enjoyed rainbows and rain showers! Rley started second grade in Mr. Phillips class and Cayli started kindergarten in Mrs. Nicolle's class. We went to the production of High School Musical at MLHS which the kids enjoyed a lot. Cayli started her third year of dance class, this year she is a sparkler. We went to our favorite get away spot in Kellog, Idaho, The Silver Mountain Resort. The kids love the waterslide park and they both tried surfing this time, it was a blast. Justin and I finally finished our taxes, I know they are due in April, but we are a little slow to the finish. The entire family put up with me in the last full month of my pregnancy. They have been so supportive through the whole thing. What a great month of activites!

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