Random Pictures of Current Events

February and March have been busy!. Justin has been busy with Chappy's Custom Buildings. He did a home show with his buddy Dan Dishon. Dan builds a lot of his buildings for him. We bought a toyhauler camper! We are very excited to use this for camping this summer! The kids and Justin are planning a sleepover in the yard just to break it in. The kids have been busy with school and activities. Cayli is in two preschools and dance. Riley is in first grade, got student of the week, is in karate and is looking forward to summer. The kids are signed up for T-Ball, Justin is coaching them. Cam and I are hanging out together everyday. Life is good, life is busy. We are getting ready for SeaWorld and Universal Studios for our spring break trip, YAY!!

Baby #4

We are so excited to announce that Baby #4 is on its way to join the Chapman Tribe. There has been lot' s of excitement and talk in our home regarding what this new baby is going to be. Of course Riley and Cayli both want a boy, but in the end everyone just wants a healthy baby. There is already lots of banter about names, who is going to share a room with the baby, who gets to hold the baby first.... you know all the fun stuff that comes with four and seven year olds. But on the flip side I am so excited about walking this journey with Riley and Cayli. They are both old enough to talk, share, ask questions, look at books and pictures and to go to the Dr. appointments with me. This is new for all of us, and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with them!. We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!!! More updates to come on Baby #4

Valentines Day Date

Justin and I got to have a date night on Valentines! What a nice surprise! Our friends Dan and Tina invited us to a dinner theater murder mystery. It was a benefit dinner for the Ephrata Hospital where Tina works, so they bought us tickets to join them. It was a funny and interesting show! We had a good time. Thank you Dan and Tina.
It is always nice to have some adult time, together, to remember how important we are to each other. It is easy to get caught up in being parents and being responsible for everything else in our lives, so it is always nice to have an opportunity to spend quality time with each other, to enjoy one anothers company, to laugh, to relax and most of all to remind us how special our relationship is... Thank you sweetie for all you do, all you don't do and for being the best Dad and Husband EVER!!