Valentines Day Date

Justin and I got to have a date night on Valentines! What a nice surprise! Our friends Dan and Tina invited us to a dinner theater murder mystery. It was a benefit dinner for the Ephrata Hospital where Tina works, so they bought us tickets to join them. It was a funny and interesting show! We had a good time. Thank you Dan and Tina.
It is always nice to have some adult time, together, to remember how important we are to each other. It is easy to get caught up in being parents and being responsible for everything else in our lives, so it is always nice to have an opportunity to spend quality time with each other, to enjoy one anothers company, to laugh, to relax and most of all to remind us how special our relationship is... Thank you sweetie for all you do, all you don't do and for being the best Dad and Husband EVER!!

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