More June Pictures

Here are some more June pictures.

June 2009

Oh my goodness! Where has time gone? This summer is whizzing by way too fast!! June has come and gone in a flash. Riley finished up first grade, Cayli finished up pre-school and did her big dance recital. Laine was confirmed and spent her entire month of June playing basketball getting ready for her freshman year!! Riley and Cayli went to VBS and Gymnastics camp each for one week. They had a blast. Riley raced his four wheeler and came home with a large first place trophy to match the big smile that was on both his and Justin's face! Justin is busy at work and has gotten some play time in too. We went camping at Liberty and spent one weekend in SPokane with my family shopping for Jonni's wedding. Justin and I celebrated our ninth anniversary and my 33rd birthday. We also found out that our new baby is going to be a boy!!! The kids got to participate in the ultrasound and thought that was a pretty neat experience. We are 23 weeks into the pregnancy and all is well. We are looking forward to July and the many adventures it may bring!