Halloween 2009

Halloween was a blast this year. My sister Dawn was here to visit so she helped me get the kids ready! She had a blast dressing them up and doing Cayli's hair and make up. Jayci and Stef joined in the fun and helped get our grouchy bumble bee ready. Camryn was so excited about Halloween for the past few weeks, but when the time came to do her makeup and put on her antenna's, she wanted nothing to do with it. Once we got to the High School to trick or treat, she was ready to enjoy her evening.

Riley was kind of two things, he was an alien when he had his mask on, but when he took off his mask he was a vampire with green glowing teeth, so I guess he was a VAMPIRE ALIEN! Cayli was a beautiful purple fairy. Her aunite Stef bought her this adorable costume and Cayli pulled it off like a pro. She was so cute. Camryn was a bumble bee. She was a cutie pie. Brody was only four days old, although auntie Stef had bought him a skeleton outfit and a BILLY BOB teeth pacifier. It was pretty funny.

After we went trick or treating we went to the school where our friends Alisson and Cassidy Stanley go. They were having a Harvest Party Carnival. We spent two hours there playing and eating way too much candy and chili!

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