December 2009

December was full of events. We enjoyed time spent with family and friends. We participated in Justins work Christmas Party, North Elementary's Craft Night, Today's Generations Nut Cracker Performance, MLAC Christmas Program, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Little Dribblers and Little Hoopsters Basketball and watching Laine play Freshman basketball. Justin did some snowmobiling, although there was not much snow in December.

We went to Eureka for the Christmas holiday. Brody was able to meet lot's of his family and many new friends. Riley, Cayli and Camryn took advantage of what little snow there was and went sledding, snowmobiling, ice-skating and played outside with their cousins Donovan and Cooper. They love visiting Montana and beg us to move there every time we visit!!

Christmas Eve took place at the Frontier Bar. My entire family was there, it was great! Riley, Cayli and Camryn got way too much stuff and we the adults tried something new for our family. We played the naughty Santa game. This was a lot of fun and maybe the beginning of a new tradition.

We hosted a New Years Eve Party at our house. There were six different families who joined us. We played Beer Pong, lit fireworks, drank homeade brew and ate a lot of good food!

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